Saturday, November 27, 2010

6 tahun sudah....

Reminiscing all the past 6 years memory , make me smile…

To happy to say I am not

Still sweet and full of charmed like yesterday

I just love in it

Cant refused to smile back

And hide my feeling

Oh dear,

I think u also the same!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Shine like a star

Shine can see the light,
Shine can see the strength,
Shine can win.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hari hujan...

tik tok tik tok hujan dah turun....

If you wait until you are sure,
you will never take off your training wheels - unknown.

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The best gift...

I really love my old watch. Though, I’ve been planning to buy a new watch since mine it is so old –already have bit rust. Just imagine, how old my watch. This watch still can function well + high durability- have go through a lot of scene: accident , mandi sungai, masuk hutan entah berapa kali dll. I just look around for new watch, not for replacement but as a backup. I am a bit picky about how my watch would look like:

-must have a number.

-round shape.

-simple design.( I do not like a fancy design. Serabut!!)


-light color.( no striking colour !)

-good quality.

And last Tuesday, someone give me the present- hand in. She is working but takes a break for send me the gift. I was so touched since the gift is the thing that I have looking around for several weeks. And the best part is the watch meet all my requirements with a lovely card.

Thank you so much !

Never lies...

So confused now...but my heart said N.O.

The day is passed by…….

Yong Sheng: In the beginning is a very shy boy- does not know how to mingle around with friend. Even snack time, I have to ask him go play with your friends. But in the end he is the one who is very playful and have a lot of friend. In addition, now he is highly confident to talk and ask anything to me. So cute and adorable boy ^^

Wai Hin: From the beginning I really like him. He has a leadership skill. His mom always said that I love him so much that why he really love my subject ^^v

Jonathan: Begin as the laziest kids I have ever met. Even want to go to play also lazy. Every morning I have to wake him up from uncle Foo avanza and called him several times to go inside class. I wonder why he acts like this. After parent meeting, I know that he does not have a good sleeping habit. He scared to sleep alone in the middle of night + he stays so far from school. He has to wake up early in the morning, that the reason why every morning he is so sleepy. In the end, no need to call him. He can wake up by himself and do his work by his own. Missed his cute cheek and main penyet2 with him >:d<

Jian Yi: The most silence boy I have ever met. Even when he so excited he managed to not voicing anything. So weird! Therefore, every morning I will force him to greet me and everything he do I will ask him to talk. In the end, he does not go to anyone else but me when he wants to talk. Feeling so good :>

Maria: I am so happy when she comes but then I realize her is so blur. Ayat-ayat memang power:

- Kenapa dalam anggur ini ada kacang? ( kan ke biji buah anggur tu)

- Garang tapi nampak lagi cantik.(ayat kipas baiknya)

Selalu tanya soalan yang sama walaupun dah beritahu jawapannya. Macam iklan pasal burung murai pula.

Xin Yue & Che Wei: so talkactive -> always been scold -> never put in heart. Both of them cry hardly in the end. I am so touched.

Yue Xin & Debbie: always confused between both of them. Twins but different parents. Both are so cute and sweet.

Ha Vern: my assistant. I hope I can get a son like him. Have a very good heart.

Si putih: camp with me and the one who always make me go around the school. He makes a lot of worst-sweet memories.

Kim Yen & Eazen : my translator.

Roy : my handsome boy with kind heart <3

Lele: He teaches me a lot about patient.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Salam Eid al-Adha

Hanya Dia yang Maha Mengetahui apa yang kamu lalui dan apa yang telah kamu lakukan...
Jadi , marilah lakukan yang terbaik :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Buangkan saje...

Jika itu sudah suratan,
Aku terima keputusannya ,
Aku mahu ,
Buangkan saje semuanya ..........

No more 19...
No more waiting....
Move on with @ without.....
It is still the same : |

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Impian hari ini....

Impian hari ini adalah kenyataan hari esok.
Do not give up no matter what.
Be strong like a dandelion.
Alhamdulillah YOU already give me more than what I should deserved.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Setahun sudah~~~~

It is already 1 year, 4 days. How fast the time goes on. I am still reluctant to let them go. Will miss them so much after this 2 week :(

Thank you Allah…